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Extract of Fresh Organic Monkey Head Mushroom

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Product Code: C001
60 capsules x 300 mg
Ingredients: Each capsule 300mg contains: Hericium erinaceus Extract Powder 300mg
KKM certification: MAL17097014TC
Recommended Usage: Adult: Take 1 Capsule, 2 times daily after meal.
Storage: Keep out of reach from children. Store below 30°C. Protect from light and moisture.

Product Description

🍄 What is Hericium erinaceus?
Hericium erinaceus is known as Monkey Head Mushroom or Lion’s Mane Mushroom in English, ‘Hou Tou Gu’ in Chinese and ‘Yamabushitake’ in Japanese. It is high in nutritional and medicinal value. Lion’s mane mushroom is a culinary-medicinal mushroom and has a long history of usage in traditional Chinese medicine as a tonic for stomach disorders, ulcers gastrointestinal discomfort and related illnesses. Recent researches showed that lion’s mane mushroom is also beneficial for those who are physically and mentally stressful, memory decline and depression.

🍄 Benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushroom:
o Improve Alertness o Improve Memory
o De-stress and Mind Relaxing
o Enhance Immunity
o Enhance Gastrointestinal System
o Anti-Aging o Anti-Oxidant

🍄 Who Needs Lion’s Mane Mushroom?
o Students
o Teachers
o Senior Citizens
o Lack of Concentration
o Stressful, Fatigue or Tired Person
o Night Owls
o Vegetarian
o Chronic Diseases Patient*
*Please consult pharmacist/nutritionist

🍄 服用建议:每天饭后早晚一粒

🍄 储存方式:保存在30°C以下,置于阴凉干燥处和儿童无法触及的地方,避免阳光和潮湿

🍄 什么是猴头菇? 猴头菇具有很高的营养和药用价值并且历史悠久。猴头菇是一种烹饪以及药用蘑菇,在中药中长期用作补品,可治疗胃部疾病,溃疡性胃肠道不适和相关疾病。研究表明,猴头菇也益于身心紧张和紧绷,记忆力下降和抑郁的人。

🍄 主要效益:
o 提升脑力、敏锐力
o 增强记忆力
o 解压及放松心情
o 增强免疫力
o 强化肠胃
o 抗衰老
o 抗氧化

🍄 适用对象:
o 学生/教师
o 银发族
o 缺乏专注力者
o 常觉压力、疲劳、疲累者
o 熬夜者
o 素食者
o 慢性疾病患者*

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