Essence of Black Fungus Mushroom 黑木耳精华



Essence of Organic Black Jelly with LingZhi Extract

Our Blood Purification Master 🩸🩸
我们的血液净化大师 🩸🩸

【Food for Blood Vessels and Bowel Cleansing】
【血管清理 排毒佳品】

Product Code: L002
6 bottles x 150 ml
Organic Auticularia polytricha (black fungus mushroom) and extract, LingZhi extract, brown sugar, pandan leaves and reverse osmosis water.
Certified Halal MS1500:2009: JAKIM/(S)/(22.00)/492/2/1 014-08/2016

Recommended Usage: Adult: 1 bottle, 2 to 3 times per week for a normal person. Advisable to consume all after open.
Storage Method: Store in a cool and dry place
Caution: Not recommended for children below 12 years old, pregnant women and heart patient with blood-thinning medication such as warfarin, heparin or aspirin.

Product Description

The Essence of Black Fungus Mushroom is formulated from premium quality of organic Auricularia polytricha, also known as black fungus, black jelly or cloud ear mushroom. Black fungus mushroom is rich in polysaccharides, nucleic acids, amino acids, iron, β-carotene, vitamin B, calcium, zinc and water-soluble fibre. Black fungus mushroom has been showing the potential of black fungus mushroom in lowering blood cholesterol level, lowering blood lipid concentration, and prevention from cardiovascular disease. The Essence of Black Fungus Mushroom is supplemented with organic LingZhi extract, a special formula that brings you a premium tonic for overall wellness. Besides, this product is produced by high technology, undergoes strict and precise quality control in order to ensure the quality of the product. It’s a ready-to-drink natural product, free from fats and cholesterol, does not contain any preservatives and additives.

🍄 Benefits of Essence of Black Fungus Mushroom:

– Regulate blood cholesterol and lipid level
– Prevent Constipation
– Improve Bowel Movement
– Detoxification
– Keep Fit & Slim
– Enhance Cardiovascular System

🍄 Who Needs the Essence of Black Fungus Mushroom?

– Overweight / Obese
– Unhealthy Lifestyle
– Unhealthy Diet
– Constipation
– Vegetarian
– Chronic Diseases Patient*
*Please consult pharmacist/nutritionist

🍄 服用建议: 成人,一星期饮用2至3次。建议开盖后饮用完毕
🍄 储存方式: 处置于干燥和阴凉处
🍄 * 12岁以下的小孩,怀孕者,服用血液稀释药(华法林,肝素或阿司匹林) 的心脏疾病者不建议饮用

黑木耳精华是由有机黑木耳制做而成的。黑木耳蘑菇富含多糖,核酸,氨基酸,铁,β-胡萝卜素,维生素B,钙,锌和水溶性纤维。黑木耳已被证实可以降低胆固醇,降低血脂浓度和预防心血管疾病。 黑木耳精华中还添加了有机灵芝提取物,这是一种特殊配方,可为我们带来全面健康的优质补品。此外,该产品是高科技生产的,经过严格而精确的质量控制,以确保产品的质量。这是一种即饮的天然产品,不含脂肪和胆固醇,不含任何防腐剂和添加剂。

🍄 主要益处:

– 调节血胆固醇和血脂
– 预防便秘
– 增强肠胃蠕动
– 排毒
– 帮助纤体及控制体重
– 提升心血管系统

🍄 适用对象:

– 超重、痴肥者
– 不健康生活习惯
– 不健康饮食
– 便秘者
– 素食者
– 慢性疾病患者*

Weight 2.275 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12.5 × 11.5 cm